Sunday, October 21, 2012

Insta Scrapping - October

I have a job now.  And a job means no time for blogging (or scrapbooking).  Between my commute (I've never had one where I actually have to get on a freeway) and attempting to fit in a workout after work I'm looking at 12 hour days.  That's a tough adjustment for somebody coming off of 9 months of no work.  But I am lucky to have found a job that pays me well.  And I am excited to learn a whole new area of work.  Goodbye marketing, hello product development.

Regardless of lack of time, I can't stop Insta-ing...

I'm a cat person (obviously) but if I had to choose a favorite dog it would be this little nugget Izzy.  I love her.

Yep, cat person, or crazy cat lady, you decide


Me and my oldest friend Emmett, the only person from my high school years that I still see

My two nieces, too stinkin' cute