Monday, September 24, 2012

Moab & Santa Fe - Scrapped

The road trip scrapping has come to an end.  And I'm yearning for another trip of course.  Pages from Moab and Santa Fe below.

And another thing has come to an end, my unemployment!  I am starting a new job on October 1st and that is a huge weight of of both mine and husband face's shoulders.  I won't lie though, it is a bit bitter sweet.  I got a little spoiled with free time.  I've never scrapped so much and I love my unemployment tan. I also managed to refinish the cabinets in both of our bathrooms as well, I'm getting better at this home DIY stuff. But alas the bills must be paid.  And to be honest, I'm a little tired of penny pinching.  Today is my birthday so I am splurging on a pair of stupidly expensive shoes...don't tell husband face.

My parents absolutely gorgeous garden in Santa Fe in the monsoon rains

Mountain biking with husband face

Lifted this design from the American Crafts blog

Hiking the El Dorado wilderness with my Mom

More shots of the garden because I love it so much

Friday, September 7, 2012

Park City - Scrapped

As usual, my plan for "just a couple" pages for an event seems to be turning into an all out 20 page scrapbook.  I think husband-face is going to kill me if I hand him another box to put in the garage.  Every time he asks, "What's in here," and I reply, "Scrapbooks."  Maybe I should start saying something like, "stuffed animals" or "old pornos" or "my beetle collection. "

But when I think about it our Road Trip was a 2 week trip, so that warrants a full scrapbook in my view. I've gotten through our 4 days in Utah so far...leave me alone, it was a busy 4 days.

Lily Bee Sketch

Becky Fleck Sketch

Basic Grey Sketch