Monday, June 25, 2012

Palomar Camping Scrapped

I posted recently about throwing axes in the woods while drinking. Those shenanigans were part of a group camping trip to Palomar Mountain.  On top of throwing axes the trip included far too much gear (including a camping kitchen), nearly getting eaten by a mountain lion, 4 dogs, a bottle of Jameson, lots of beer and lots of Bellinis.  I might be exaggerating a little bit about the mountain line, it was only a bobcat.  But when you THINK it's a mountain lion it's really effing scary. All that combined made for some great photo ops.  Palomar Camping scrapped:

We're cheesy: The Girls & The Dogs on a log

Sketch Savvy sketch:
The Camping Crew

Camping Pups

in the forest

Chicks Throwing Axes

Boucher Lookout

Throwing axes

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Insta Scrapping-Round 2

I have been a slacker when it comes to posts lately.  Yesterday my niece managed to gouge my eye with her fingernail. However I'm not mad at her because at the time she was sitting on my lap dancing the the Gummi Bear song which she insists that I play for her over and over on my iPhone. Check out this sweet photo, the glowing blob is a scratch on my cornea.  Hurts like a bitch but seems to be healing quickly. Right now I'm wearing this really awesome makeshift eye patch (made of a sleeping mask). I would post a photo of that but the way I look right now is way too embarrassing.

Anyway I think Insta-scrapping might turn into a monthly post on this blog. I keep seeing all these pages where people put tons of Insta photos on one page.  For some reason I can't do that, each photo is a special memory to me. More Insta photos scrapped.

Page Maps sketch:
Sweet Memories-Crate Paper Story Teller

Prep Kitchen-Basic Grey Sweet Threads

Such a lovely Day-My Minds Eye Sunshine

Scott and the girls-Basic Grey PB&J

My little boo boo-Bo Bunny Garden Girl

used this sketch:
Splashing!-Amy Tan Sketchbook

used this sketch:
addicted-American Crafts Garden Cafe