Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Jurassic Kook

I leave near a town called Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. About 4 years ago a statue was erected of a surfer that was dubbed the Cardiff Kook because of it's ridiculous pose, the real name of the statue is "Magic Carpet Ride."  It's a running joke and people dress it up almost weekly.  Every once in awhile a very elaborate makeover is done.  This photo is of what was called Jurassic Kook with a pterydactyl grabbing the Kook by it's shoulder and a prehistoric scene around it.  There were even "dinosaur eggs" left all around the area.  It was awesomely amazing and took a lot of work by whomever pulled this one off in the dead of night.  I used and old SEI line for this one, Madera Island. I don't usually use a fully solid paper in layouts because I think it's too boring, this is no exception.  But I love all the other elements.

Jurassic Kook-SEI Madera Island

The other all time prank on the Kook is the Shark Attack, check it out:

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