Saturday, May 19, 2012

Axe Throwing? Sure, why not

Last weekend husband-face and I took a trip up to our favorite local(ish) camp spot, Observatory Campground on Palomar Mountain.  For $15/night you get a great spot in the forest. At night the stars are amazing and there are plenty of spots to hike around during the day.  We went up with 3 other couples and, as often happens with our group of friends, hijinx ensued.  About 3 beers in husband-face decided he wanted to throw axes at trees, lumberjack style.  It was a boy thing for about half an hour and then the girls joined in.  These photos are going to make for some excellent scrap pages...

A successful throw

Girls getting in on the axe throwing action

Not really sure what's going on here

Husband face, throwing not one but two axes, such a babe

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