Friday, September 7, 2012

Park City - Scrapped

As usual, my plan for "just a couple" pages for an event seems to be turning into an all out 20 page scrapbook.  I think husband-face is going to kill me if I hand him another box to put in the garage.  Every time he asks, "What's in here," and I reply, "Scrapbooks."  Maybe I should start saying something like, "stuffed animals" or "old pornos" or "my beetle collection. "

But when I think about it our Road Trip was a 2 week trip, so that warrants a full scrapbook in my view. I've gotten through our 4 days in Utah so far...leave me alone, it was a busy 4 days.

Lily Bee Sketch

Becky Fleck Sketch

Basic Grey Sketch

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