Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hong Kong

The fun part of my work trip to China was the day and a half we spent in Hong Kong.  China works 6 days a week so on Saturday afternoon we headed across the border into Hong Kong to spend the "weekend" there. We arrived and checked into our hotel and then wandered around Hong Kong.  I am not a city person and HK is crazy and hectic and crowded but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't get to do much in my short time there but at least I got to see it.

The amazing bridges of Hong Kong

Hong Kong streets

Dorky selfie, HK

After wandering and eating (oddly) at an Irish bar in Ocean Center, a massive mall on Victoria Harbor, we took a ferry from Ocean Center across the water to...well I don't know where to.  I was with two people that spend a lot of time in Hong Kong so I just followed them around. We wandered for hours and by the time we caught the ferry back to Ocean Center it was dark and cloud were hanging low and it made for some AMAZING photos.  We sat at a bar along the water with the thousands of people milling around and watched the light show, A Symphony of Lights,  they play on the buildings on the bay there.

On Sunday we took the tram up Victoria Peak to see Hong Kong from above, a really awesome experience.  The tram leaves out of this little building and goes up, up, up, very steep.  There's amazing views and the top and gardens to wander around.

The tram goes up

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Back view, Victoria Peak
High above Hong Kong

When we got back down we were supposed to head back to Dongguan but the bosses decided we should stay in HK for one more night.  We moved hotels to the W on Kowloon Bay.  Let me tell you, if you every have a chance to stay at this hotel DO IT.  It costs a fortune but if I ever go back to HK I will stay there.  It's the epitome of luxury and good design with amazing views and a rooftop pool. I', not normally a luxury traveler but I got a taste of the good life here. and I definitely wouldn't mind doing that again. We spent the afternoon at the rooftop "pool party" where they split the pool area in half, a quiet area for guests staying at the hotel and a party area with a DJ for people coming in to drink too much.  It was a bit gloomy but still plenty warm

The view from our room at the W

View from the rooftop pool at the W

I'm on the 76th floor, so that building behind me is TALL

After an afternoon and evening in the hot tub high above Kowloon Bay we paid a visit to Ozone, touted as the tallest bar in the world (118th floor). It's on the top floor of the Ritz Carlton it was swanky and big and man was it high up.

The rainy view from Ozone

After our night at Ozone (and maybe a few too many glasses of wine) we woke up and had to go back to the reality of work in China. Until next time Hong Kong.

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