Sunday, February 5, 2012


I got back from a quick trip to Boston to visit my little brother a couple of days ago.  I took my camera and took no photos with it.  I only snapped a couple of shots with my iPhone and the majority of those were of food because I basically ate my way through the city with Evan's guidance.  I tried Ethiopian food for the first time at an awesome restaurant called Addis, eating with your hands is awesome. We had phenomenal Thai food at a place called Similans that turns on disco birthday music (complete with laser lights) when it's a diner's birthday. We cooked and baked at my brother's house in Somerville, walked the Minuteman Trail, planned our April Central America trip and wandered around Harvard Square.  It was a great 3 days in Boston, I just wish it could have been longer.  Hopefully I will head back soon. Some iPhone shots:

Ethiopian food at Addis Red Sea

Baby brother and AMAZING Thai at The Similans

Homemade mac & cheese and garlic roasted cauliflower
The Coop bookstore at Harvard Square, HEAVEN
Learning how to cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, too cheap to buy the book

The Minuteman Trail, it goes for about 30 miles, we did 4

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