Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Chap...and I embossed!

American Crafts Chap, even as all the new winter releases come out I am still obsessed with this line and it's still my favorite.  I think because it's so versatile.  It's billed as a "boys" line but it's boy while not being to child-like.  I am not a huge fan of really kid-themey collections.  I recently ordered some Thickers from Crafty Steals and they went perfectly with Chap. Another thing I did with this layout that I rarely do is emboss.  I never do it and I don't know why.  I have a ton of unused stamps.  The chevron stamp that is part of the Chap collection was just screaming to be used in this layout so I broke out the heat.

Side-note: If you have not discovered the deal of the day scrapbook sites yet then you should! I am a HUGE deal nerd.  My favorites are:
Crafty Steals-The deals don't go away after a day so you have access to their archive at all times.
Scrapbook Steals-They have, in my opinion, the best selection.  2 deals a day, AM and PM.  However stuff goes quick on this site, as soon as they put up Thickers they're gone. Occasionally they'll open up their archives and you can shop through limited quantities of past deals.
Peachy Cheap-Not as good a selection as the others but every once in awhile they have Basic Grey embellishment bundles.

Sweet (red) and Flat (yellow) chipboard Thickers from American Crafts

It's a crappy photo but finally some embossing!

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