Monday, October 31, 2011

Now That's An Owie

Last winter my nephew (then 6) attempted to do a karate kick off the kitchen counter.  What ensued was a scene that I (I'm kind of twisted) wish I witnessed. It started with him landing in a way that caused his glasses to puncture the skin right by his eye and cause an extreme amount of bleeding.  A loud scream filled the air and my brother-in-law Eric came running to his aid.  My sister followed soon after, the description I got was "spurting blood."  My niece, then 3, didn't know how to handle the scene and immediately panicked and started screaming as well. My sister went to call the paramedics while my brother-in-law attempted to stifle the bleeding.  Now the funniest thing about this whole story is that Eric doesn't do so well with blood.  So as he was trying to stop the bleeding on his son's head he started to pass out. So the paramedics showed up to a scene with a semi-conscious father laying on the floor, a little girl screaming in a corner, a mom trying to stifle blood flow and a little boy saying, "I'm OK guys, it really isn't that bad."

This is my contribution that fiasco:

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