Monday, October 31, 2011

Perching-Basic Grey Max & Whiskers

In my mind Basic Grey's Max & Whiskers collection is the perfect pet collection.  The colors are fantastic and, like all Basic Grey collections, it's cute but not too cutesy or themey.

You will soon learn that I am obsessed with my cat Oliver, he's like a child to me. He's incredibly spoiled and I think he's the cutest animal on earth, besides Boo maybe. He has his own album on my facebook page, it's ridiculous really.  So he ends up in a lot of my layouts, this being the latest.  Ollie's favorite thing to do besides eat is perch in high places.  He somehow made it on top of the fridge, I'm still unsure how.

I hand did the small white dots around the edge, I love white ink.

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