Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Montezuma Waterfall

I think the Montezuma Waterfall hike was our favorite outing of our trip. The main waterfall in Montezuma is easy to get to, very scenic and an overall great experience. It's only about a 10 minute hike in from the road and extremely easy, there's great information about all the Montezuma waterfalls here. When we got to the main falls we found it too full of people, a little more crowded than we like things. So, despite my fear of heights (or rather fear of falling from heights) and how shaky I can get we decided to venture up to the 2 waterfalls above. The path to get there is steep and it isn't very clearly marked. If you're looking at the waterfall it's to the right and behind you. You have to climb up a steep hill where you come to a path that goes along a ridge line. Then you have to climb down the hill to get to the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls. There are ropes and roots to help you get down but I would highly recommend wearing sneakers, it would have been difficult to do in flip flops. The very best thing about the climb was our companion.  There was this amazing dog with one paralyzed leg that led us to the top falls.  He couldn't make the climb down but he stayed up above and watched us for half an hour before going back to help other people make the trip.

The third waterfall has a small jump into a 20 foot deep pool, nice easy one for me. The jump off the second waterfall is about a 45 foot drop. Both husband face and my brother did that one and Scott ended up with dual bruised ass cheeks (he would not allow me to take photos, probably because he knew I would post them somewhere). They tried to convince me to make the jump but I did not cave to peer pressure. However I am regretting that a bit now. I definitely would have lost my bikini but it might have been worth it.

The hike along the river up to Montezuma Falls

The main falls

Climbing up

Our fearless leader

The third falls

Jump off the third falls

Our fearless leader watching over us

Husband-face, contemplating the jump off the 2nd falls

The second falls, 45 foot jump

Managed to get a series of Scott jumping, click to enlarge

Montezuma Beach

My biggest regret of the trip is actually that we didn't do more of the waterfalls.  Montezuma is a really cool little town and I think when we go back to Costa Rica we would stay there for a couple days and get more of what that area has to offer.

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