Saturday, May 5, 2012

Felt Pinwheel Tutorial

I re-pinned the cutest felt pinwheels on Pinterest the other day, they were cake toppers that you could buy for too much money and I figured I could re-create them.  Then yesterday I sat down to scrap a page of husband-face, chowing down at our local street fair and I thought pinwheels would be perfect on that layout.  So I set out to recreate them.  I used this simple pinwheel tutorial and applied it to felt.

First I cut different size squares out of sheets of felt (super cheap at your local craft store)

Next I cut in from the corners to the center and but let a little bit of space in the middle for gluing.

Next I folded the corners into the center of the square.  I first tried adhering them using glue dots but that didn't work on the felt so I moved onto my glue gun.  While it was kind of messy and stringy with the felt it ended up working well. I apologize for the blurry photos, trying to take them while gluing was a bit challenging.

Once the glue set I did the centers.  I used my Epiphany Crafts round tool for one of the centers and buttons for the other.  The only thing I found is that it was too difficult to sew the button on through the dried glue so I just threaded the button and glued it on. Voila, quick and easy felt pinwheels.

And here is the finished page with them used. It all came together with the My Minds Eye Kraft Funday collection.

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