Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I took a week long hiatus from here but that week certainly didn't feel like a break.  I'm pretty sure I drank my way through the long weekend but I also got to see a dear old friend I hadn't seen in a year and buy waaaay too many pairs of shoes with the great Black Friday deals going on (it 2 pairs of Jeffrey Campbells in one day too many?) I then returned to absolute mayhem at work on Monday.  I work for an online retailer so this time of year is nuts for us. I haven't had time to do my usual trolling of my favorite blogs for ideas but I've added some more inspiration layouts to my Pinterest to refer to when I have more time.  Here are a couple layouts I hadn't gotten around to posting yet.

The Fourth-BasicGrey Offbeat

Lap Kitty-BasicGrey Mellow

Cheers-Crate Paper Random

Cute-Crate Paper Neighborhood

Crazy Daisy-BasicGrey Indie Bloom

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