Monday, November 7, 2011

Palomar Observatory Camping

Due to our rekindled love of camping husband-face and I have been trying to do more of that.  Two weekends ago we ventured out to Observatory Campground on Palomar Mountain for a little one night stay. We didn't know anybody who had stayed there before and there wasn't a whole lot of information online so we took a gamble and the gamble paid off.  The campground was small, quiet and beautiful. We did an awesome hike up to the observatory at the top of the mountain, websites claimed it was 2.2 miles each way but that's BS, it was way longer than that. Either that or I'm way more out of shape than I thought, but I workout at least 3 days a week so I'm pretty sure the 2.2 mile claim was BS. Some shots from our excursion:

This is Miss Bianca, she is a camping chihuahua (and in case you couldn't tell a doggie model)

Not too shabby a view on our hike up

A Manzanita tree, rad looking (and apparently fireproof)

There was this massive tree filled with holes that squirrels had shoved nuts into, we called it the forest pantry

These plants smelled like weed

Palomar Observatory, I love this photo

The top opens up, inside is the Hale telescope

I got me another box of wine!

Miss B got coooold

Cookin' Brats (yuck says me, the vegetarian)

I love fire, though it took me 3 days to get the smoke smell out of my hair

Morning smolder

Beautiful campground

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