Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Attempt at Chaos

This layout, using Basic Grey's Marjolaine line, is a bit more "chaotic" and less linear than how I usually do things.  I'm attempting to branch outside my comfort zone a bit and move away from my lines, boxes and strips.  That is very hard for me because I am an organized and clutter free sort of person. But I see all these other amazing layouts out there that have so much more going on and I really admire them. I hope to gradually work towards an amazingly chaotic layout.  I think my favorite part of this layout is the title, different fonts, same color.

And in the best news in a long time I have convinced my husband to allow me to turn our guest room in our 2 bedroom condo into a true craft room.  This is something I've been daydreaming about for the past 2 years.  Our extra room currently serves as an office/guest room.  However we don't have guests all that often so the futon/sofa bed sits unused most of the year.  So I get to sell that bad boy and our current desk on Craigs List and get a much larger desk and storage cabinet and bam, crafting oasis. 

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