Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Jackpot

I am not a fashion blogger nor would I ever try to do that so this will be one of my few posts about "fashion"...or rather shopping.  Like any living breathing female I have a problem with shopping, some (my husband) might call it severe.  If I won the lottery the material things I would buy would be shoes, scrapbooking stuff and bikinis (in that order).  I am a sucker for a good bikini and spend the better part of my summer in one. I also prefer to vacation in places that include a beach and 90 degree weather. One of my (and most girls) very favorite bikini lines is L*Space. The fit is just phenomenal and unlike most bikinis they somehow seem to make my undesireable areas look better.  L*Space bikinis, however, are very expensive, running about $120-$140.  I usually stock up whenever they're on Haute Look and will occasionally splurge like I might have to do for everything below.  BUT I am lucky enough to live in Southern California where warehouse sales from all my favorite brands abound.  Yesterday my girlfriend Jane and I drove up to Irvine for, you guessed it, an L*Space one.  L*Space is all sold as separates with an amazing mix and match thing going on.  Each piece was only $10.  So for $130 I got all this (plus a coverup not shown):

Yes I hang my bikinis, so what?

Despite just scoring 6 new bikinis for the price of one I still want more, sick right?  So I trolled around the L*Space website looking at all the new styles that just hit stores and put together my favorites.  Husband face and I have plane tickets booked to Costa Rica in April so I need one for each day of our 2 week vacation (that's logical, right?).   I think the Desert Heat print is my new favorite, the Twister top is, for me, the most flattering style of L*Space top, I'll pair this top with plain navy bottoms.

My pick: Twister Top in Desert Heat, Taboo Bottom in blue iris

Fringe is on my wishlist this year:

All solid: Dolly Bandeau and Foxy Tab Bottom in dark teal

The Riviera collection, coral and taupe mix beautifully together.

Beverly Bandeau in taupe and Deja Vu bottom in riviera

L*Space also has this awesome new mix & match feature on their site that allows you to pick and choose and see how different tops and bottoms look together, genius!

If you really want to know how obsessed I am I actually have Pinterest boards for both shoes and bikinis.

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